It was the summer of 1984, when Paris and Dina Efstathiou, with their young children, visited Chrani for the first time. And it was love at the first sight, what they felt for this land; a land easily adored, hospitable and well kept away from the rushed ways of modern life. And they wished to live there sometime…
It was not but 10 years later that their dream become true. In 1994, the land, a beautiful olive grove, that Paris Village is now built, was bought. With lots of love, care and personal work, Paris Village opened its gates in 1996, to welcome all those that desire to discover the “fruitful and well-flavored” Messinian land, and enjoy the warm and hospitable embrace of the Messinian Gulf and all of us..
Since then, and within the years passed, strong frindships were created with a many of you.. In our home – because that’s what Paris Village is to us and that is how we like to make all our guests feel – we do not just provide services: we attend to your needs! We do not just serve you: we care for you! We do not have a Manager: we have a Minder! Even our apartments do not have numbers: each one has its own name! Into a family and absolutely friendly environment, in our little neighborhood as we like to call it, we get to know each other, we start new friendships, we relax and enjoy ourselves, we built a whole new relation with ourselves and with the nature surrounding us.
Today we, the children (and grand children!) of Paris and Dina Efstathiou, having “studied” beside our parents and having taught lessons that no academic education can ever teach, we continue into the tradition they created, having them always by our side, to guide and support us. Our aim is to offer you memorable holidays and bring Messinia a bit further: into the hearts of all you!
Welcome in Messinia!
Welcome to Paris Village!