The Polylofou Cultural Association “Agios Dimitrios” for the last four years has organised an event dedicated to Messinian figs. The cultivation and production of various fig products is one of the main sources of income in the region.

The event is supported by the local municipalities, the Messinian Chamber of Commerce, fig producers and of course the people of the area. “The Feast of Figs”, promotes the multiple uses of figs and also assistance to the fig producers through scientific lectures and documentaries. Without a doubt the event is an excellent occasion to highlight the importance of the fig trade nationally and worldwide and over two days gives the public the chance to see and taste the various fig products, thus attracting large crowds each year.

Three Day “Introduction to Messinian Olive Oil and Olives
An annual celebration of olive oil and olives organised by the local municipalities, the county council and the Messinian Union of Agricultural Co-operatives. The meeting is devoted to the culture of olive oil use in Messinian cuisine and its nutritional value. There are also olive oil tastings and culinary competitions.