Gialova Wetlands: Paradise where angels take the form of Flamingos.

The wetlands of Gialova (Divari) are of particular ecological interest as a major stopover point for many migratory birds. Many rare species of birds such as herons and flamingos, ospreys, stilts, avocets, calidris, snipe, curlew, tartaric, terns, and the only chameleon found in Europe. The African chameleon changes colour depending on his mood and are an endangered species so please drive carefully and only park in designated areas. The wetlands are a protected area as among the many species found here there are several endangered birds as well the chameleons and the carretta carretta turtle.

The only bird with the strange charm of silhouettes, with their feet tall, the long and weird beaks, their slender necks and evligystous. Excites the slow dance moves and drag the pace. Between the wetland and the sea behind thick thyme bushes is hidden another surprise; Voidokilia beach, a perfectly round beach surrounded by rolling sand dunes.