The cultural identity of Messinia combines in a unique way, traditions and customs with contemporary artistic creativity. The visitor has the opportunity to enjoy a variety of cultural events throughout the year.

The most important cultural event for the county is currently the International Dance Festival organised every year in July under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Kalamata.

The organization of such cultural events by the Municipality of Kalamata has created an enviable level of culture in Kalamata and the surrounding area. After fourteen years, the Dance Festival is a prestigious event that gives audiences the opportunity to enjoy the spectacle of internationally important dance groups. An integral part of the festival is educational dance workshops and lectures and parallel activities including publications and video productions of dance. Apart from the cultural events the county has a plethora of monuments, archaeological sites, religious sites, etc. which attract thousands of visitors who want to explore the distant past.

The Regional Theatre of Kalamata is one of the most important and vibrant regional theatres in the country, providing an important cultural service as well as entertainment. It can already count twenty five years of creativity presenting notable works from Greek and world drama. It has two stages, the Central and the New stage, while during the summer months they make good use of the auditorium in the castle of Kalamata.

Numerous events, exhibitions and presentations take place in the Cultural Centre of the capital, Kalamatal. The Folk Art and History museum complete the picture of indoor exhibitions, while also of interest is the open air “Railway Museum” in Kalamata’s city park. It offers visitors a pleasant chance to stroll between old wagons and locomotives. The “mosaic” of cultural events held in places such as the castles of Methoni, Pylos and Kyparissia, but also by the many Cultural Associations of the county, make Messinia truly magical.